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S40 Back Plates
S40 Back Plates S40 Back Plates

S40 Back Plates

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S40 Backplates

The S40 range has three backplates that are available, the dog bone shape and a stardard size plate both manufacturched from marine grade 3mm aluminium and are hard anodised (ideal for the travelling diver).          Also available is a stardard size stainless steel back plate. 


S40 Plates H400 x W265 mm
CDWABPDB - Dog Bone Shape (aluminium) 0.40 Kgs 0.88 Lbs
CDWABP40 - Standard (aluminium) 0.80 Kgs 1.76 Lbs
CDWS40BP - Standard (stainless steel) 2.40 kgs 5.29 lbs

Backplate features:

Harness Slots: 2" webbing slots for threading of harness.
Stowage Eyelets: Ideal mounting points for torch batteries and argon bottles.
Twin-Set Mounting Holes: Holes for the mounting of twin-sets with tank bands. Industry standard 11" separation holes to match standard banded and bolted twin-sets.
Crotch Strap Mounting Slot: 1" and 2" mounting points for a crotch strap, which helps keep the wing secure in the event of the diver being in an inverted position. 


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