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HeWee Go Urination Systems For Men
HeWee Go Urination Systems For Men
HeWee Go Urination Systems For Men
HeWee Go Urination Systems For Men
HeWee Go Urination Systems For Men

Product Description

HeWee Go

The Custom Divers HeWee Go male urination system has proved to be a comfortable and reliable device and is currently being used by countless divers worldwide.

Divers and snorkelers are all susceptible to dehydration and this is an enormous problem predominantly among dry suit divers.   Failure to properly hydrate is a key contributing factor in most decompression incidents as people do not hydrate sufficiently because of the consequent need to urinate.  Rehydration plays a vital role in the treatment of decompression illness. 

The HeWee Go is the perfect solution for urination with ease,  comfort and reliability. Following the success of the HeWee Go male urination system for divers, we have been approached by other industries looking for a similar solution for applications in many different sports, work environments and also for people with disability. So we have taken our experience from diving and have expanded the HeWee Go system to work equally as well for other activities and in diverse situations (see below HeWee Go ACTIVE and ACTIVE PRO for more information). 

 The original HeWee Go system was designed as an alternative to the conventional roll on self adhesive sheath.  Traditionally divers have used many different brands of adhesive sheaths in their quest for comfort and reliability but the majority of these would fail during use. Those sheaths with stronger adhesives may or may not stay in place but many proved unreliable during active use and some had issues during removal. Many divers using this type of sheath would also supplement by using adhesive tape to keep them on causing consequent discomfort when worn for any length of time.   And there were no alternatives... that is until we designed the HeWee Go!

The HeWee Go urination system for men allows the user to urinate comfortably and discreetly, without the need to remove any clothing, and is easy to apply and simple to use.  The HeWee Go is ideal for all types of adventure sports as well as medical applications.

This unique Custom Divers design is held securely and comfortably in position by an adjustable support belt without the need for adhesives/tapes etc.  The rubber flange containing the chosen diaphragm is then fitted through the reinforced ring on the front of the support belt.  The sheath is then rolled over the penis to provide a good fit with any excess left rolled.  This rolled section of the sheath can then be stretched over the front part of the flange where it sits and stays securely in position. 

* No adhesive or tape for fixing.
* Comfort and Reliability..
* Three sizes of sheaths.
* Two sizes of diaphragm.
* Adjustable support belt system.
* Washable sheaths and diaphragms may
be re-used up to 10 + times.

Your HeWee Go starter kit comprises of an adjustable support belt which is suitable for waist line up to 40” (a 10”extension strap is available as an accessory),  three different size sheaths 30, 35 and 40mm, two sizes of diaphragm (small or large) and one flange.

Once the user has chosen the appropriate size, they can then order replacement sheaths and diaphragm kits. 

The kit is not supplied with tube connector or suit P-valve which may be purchased separately if required or in kit form as explained below (or from Custom Divers depending on your activity).

HeWee Go system for Divers

If you wish to fit a suit P-valve for diving purposes the following parts will be required:-

CDHW  -   1 x HeWee Go system
CDHMV -  1 x Manual Suit P-valve., or CDHAV - Advanced Suit P-valve with non return valve.
CDHSC -   1 x Snap connector
CDHT  - 1 x 50cm tube  

Fitting these parts together is simple.  A suit P-valve will need to be fitted to your dry suit, instructions on how to do this will be supplied with the valve or alternatively your local dive suit manufacturer would be happy to install one for you.

A suit P-valve enables the user to install a valve to enable urination through dry clothing. Location is commonly fitted to the inner thigh where it can be easily reached.  On the dry side of the valve a flexible surgical tube is connected to the sheath.

To connect your HeWee Go system to a dry suit P-valve, use the male part of the snap connector and fit to the end of the sheath.  The female part is attached to a length of surgical hose/tube  leading to the suit P-valve or a collection bag.  By simply connecting the two together you are ready to use.

HeWee Go ACTIVE - (CDHCB - HeWee Go Urine Collection Bag system)

* Comfortable – great for long use.
* Leak-free collection
* Reusable / washable 15 Fl oz Urine collection bag (larger capacity sizes available).
* Urine collection bag,  (black).
* Six month life on our urine collection bag.
* Non-return safety valve on collection bags that prevents backflow of urine.
* Easy to assemble with quick snap disconnect couplings makes emptying quick and simple.
* Biodegradable material, no issues with disposal. 
* Practical and compact, discreet.
* Leg mounting/securing straps and drawstring holdall included.
* Long term cost savings compared to single-use disposable systems.

HeWee Go ACTIVE on prescription

We are pleased to announce that the HeWee go Active system is now available on prescription if you are eligible. For further details please contact us on

HeWee Go ACTIVE PRO - CDHCBV - HeWee Go Urine Collection Bag system with suit valve.
* Urine Collection Bag system with suit connection valve.


The HeWee Go Active is an easy system to fit.  Once the HeWee Go is fitted then all that is needed is for the urine collection bag to be connected under or over clothing either by strapping to the thigh or lower leg utilising the leg strap or, alternatively for discretion, by leaving the collection bag in the holdall and connecting the tube via a fly.

The HeWee Active system is supplied with the following :-

CDHW  -   1 x HeWee Go system
CDHSC -   2 x snap connectors
CDHT  -    1 x 1mtr tube
CDHUCB - 1 x Urine collection bag (15 fl oz) with leg straps
CDHDH  -  1 x Drawstring holdall (30 cm H x  25cm W)

The HeWee Active Pro system is supplied with all the above and also includes a P-valve and connections. This version is ideal if the user is wearing protective clothing.  Contact Custom Divers for further details.

Materials used are as follows:-

Support Belt
Waistband Nylon/Elastomer.
Fabric: Cotton/Polyester.
Natural gum rubber.
Natural gum rubber.
Latex rubber.
Urine Collection Bag 
Natural gum rubber.

Persons with sensitivity to any of the materials listed should not use Hewee Go.

Cost Comparison
between non-reusable sheaths and HeWee Go
reusable sheath urination system

No. of Days
Non-reusable sheath  (one use per sheath) HeWee Go reusable sheath and diaphragm
(up to 10 + uses per sheath/diaphragm)
30 £2.75 each = £82.50 £29 (pack of 3)
50 £2.75 each = £137.50 £43.50 (pack of 5)
100 £2.75 each = £275.00 £85 (pack of 10)

Minimum saving over one year use on HeWee Go System
365 Days              £2.75 each = £1003.75            £310.25


1.  If you are buying the HeWee Go for diving, and you already have a P-valve fitted to your suit, then select the HeWee Go Starter Kit only (from the top of the page).  If you don't have a P-valve or accessories such as quick disconnect snap connector, then these can be purchased separately from the HeWee Go Accessories menu.

2.  If you intend to use the HeWee Go system for other activities (eg. long distance driving/medical)  and you need to collect urine and contain it in a collection bag,  then please select the HeWee Go ACTIVE system.

3.  If you are a professional and need to wear protective clothing, then the HeWee Go ACTIVE PRO system would be suitable to attach a valve externally to clothing (eg. jump suits/survival suits etc) Contact Custom Divers for further details.

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Due to the intimate nature and hygienic standards of certain items, returns are not accepted on:
Urination systems and urination spares, including Hewee Go Products. If these items are returned, they will be returned at the sender's expense.​


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HeWee Go Urination Systems For Men

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