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Harness Adjustable Strap Set - CDWHAS

If you need to adjust your harness whilst wearing it, or if you are swapping
from wet to dry suit, and require a quick 
modification, then this adjustable harness
strap set will convert your standard harness for a speedy and snug fit. The two shoulder
buckles will also allow two break points for simple exit/entry. The adjustment straps
may be fitted to the shoulder straps from your existing harness. Simply thread the
harness webbing through the top 50mm slots on the shoulder buckles and secure.
Fitting the adjustment straps to your waist, just thread the loop through your waist webbing and
fit a bar buckle either side to spot any movement once you’re happy with the position. Four Nylon
50mm bar buckles are supplied with assembly.


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Harness Adjustable Strap Set

Product Code CDWHAS

Harness Adjustable Straps